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Illudic works with small print runs, individualized projects in the editorial process, and partnerships with the author as an independent publisher. New print runs are subject to a contract or publishing system. We work with lower investments in the copyright and sales division, with the author participating during the project.

We provide the following editorial services:

Revisions, Translations, and Versions

Illudic offers qualified and critical readings that may have a variable degree of interference with the original. We ally technology assets with skilled professionals to verify the formality adequacy, orthographic aspects, textual cohesion and coherence, ambiguities, punctuation, unnecessary repetitions, and language vices.

Graphic Projects

It involves defining the font and body of the characters, the position of the elements, colors, format, images, and the arrangement of texts inside the book.

Text Preparation

In publishing, text preparation is a step before diagramming, which aims to organize and adapt the text for publication according to editorial standards. There may be interference in the text.


Diagramming is the adequacy, adaptation, and creation of the original text according to the final format determined by the graphic design of the work.

Cover Design

The cover design has enough specificities enough to be considered a separate project. It shares many parts with the graphic project, presenting specific visual elements, such as font and body of characters, layout, colors, format, images, and text layout.


Currently, Illudic outsources its printing processes. We work with short runs and print-on-demand (book printing only when requested in one of the distribution channels).

e-Book Conversion

Illudic performs a series of technical procedures in which the printed book file is converted into a digital format to be made available on distribution and sales platforms.

Editorial advice and consultancy

This service involves the editor’s expertise to assist in developing editorial aspects related to the original text, with a view to publication or related technical aspects.

Editorial Coordination

Editorial coordination comprises the editor’s technical performance, responsible for organizing all phases of the editorial process until the publication of the work.


The art of Illustration provides the development of images performed by specialized professionals with defined technical characteristics, which explain or complement the text.

Processing, Scanning, and Treatment of images/photos

Processing, Scanning, and Treatment of images/photos aim to incorporate images and pictures into the book’s content, meeting the project’s specific needs.

Iconographic Research and Development

Research and selection of images that will be in editorial work.


This process consists of original writing by a professional writer. It is employed when an author has a specific or defined textual demand and does not want to write it. Then, the hired professional (a ghostwriter) develops a text, and the author of the story signs the manuscript.

ISBN, Catalog Data, and Metadata

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number is a standardized, unique, and definitive code. It links the characteristics of the book (metadata), such as title, author, country, language, and publisher. It is an internationally recognized record.

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