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lludic Publishing aims to make imagination create realities. We believe in the creative potential for problem-solving, and we have standards and values ​​regarding art.

At the moment, Illudic Publishing is an individual enterprise that relies on outsourcing to fulfill demands. Therefore, we provide opportunities for artists to develop their work within our editorial line. If you are interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

Guidelines for Freelancers

We are grateful for your interest in cooperating with us! As an independent publisher entering the publishing market, we are looking for: talented artists, editors, writers, cartographers, and game designers to produce high-quality adventure content, guides, campaign materials, and adventures.

Maybe we can work together. Familiarity with our products is not only a differential but a necessity. Submission of samples does not constitute a guarantee of publication or relationship between the parties. Illudic Publishing only uses graphic material with the express permission of the author. We do not have the right to publish content with licenses linked to product identity (in other words, copyrighted or proprietary material), such as commercial scenarios from other publishers. Currently, we publish under the terms of Open Game Licenses (OGLs- Open Game Licenses), which allow the use of content under specific terms.

Contributions to the Illudic Blog

To submit your material and have your publication approved, please remember that most proposed blog contributions are unpaid. However, we effectively remunerate a more extended series with a well-structured theme and some requests for articles written exclusively for this purpose.

Proposals will be analyzed and may change to avoid errors, such as lack of cohesion and textual coherence, as well as solecisms. Those inconsistencies could come to the author’s detriment and our editorial standards. Even so, the author’s credit will be guaranteed, as provided by law, as well as by ethics and good editorial practices.

Art Guidelines

We have a growing and planned art demand for our products. Illudic Publishing is open to reviewing your work if you would like to contribute with images, illustrations, concepts of characters, landscapes, and objects.

We consider different artistic styles and profiles, but we ask for the applicant’s ability to propose creative problem-solving solutions and work with specific requirements.

Please forward a sample of your production by file or link to your online portfolio to the editor’s attention, or contact us for further details.

Cartography Guidelines

If you would like to contribute maps and cartography, Illudic Publishing is open to reviewing your work. Please forward a sample of your production by file, link your online portfolio to our editor, or contact us for more details.

We have demands for original maps of combat areas and fantasy scenarios. Original art is preferable to the use of generical mapping tools.

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