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Bealaq: A fierce ravenlike warrior

We’re excited to announce the opening of The Hero Pathway Series with a post on its first character! Here you will learn a little about the booklet’s content, role-playing tips, character creation, and even a little about what makes a true hero! Let’s meet Bealaq, the Tengu fighter.

What would you do if your land were divided and your home — the kingdom’s last bastion of defense — were taken? So begins the history of a Bealaq, a tengu adopted by humans on the outskirts of warring lands. Brave, reckless, and skilled, Bealaq strives for what is suitable for him, even though he sometimes becomes confused and hot-headed.

Deprived of his position, he could be defeated, not by overwhelming enemies, but by hate or cowardice. However, as a trained soldier of the kingdom’s finest, he would grow up to become a noble soldier and help bring peace to this forsaken piece of land with the ascension of an unexpected ruler. To reach his destiny, he will walk a tortuous path leading him to foreign landscapes and menaces.

Campaign and Party Role

Bealaq is a warrior fighting in defense of his land. When he became exiled, he had to use all he knew and learn to survive by himself, which led him to develop some roguish skills. This made him a loner, but he also knows how to work well within a group. His knowledge of warfare made him a sort of tactician of close combat. It would later be employed in the reclamation battles.

As a party member, he may fill the role of a tank, delaying the enemy’s advancement and making some roguelike attacks, confusing the adversaries. As his combat prowess advances, he may take control of the battlefield with opportunistic attacks and turn the tide of battle with his positioning. He may not be the most robust or agile of fighters, but ignoring or underestimating him can be a regrettable mistake.

Three Reasons to Play

  • If you need a fighter to move fast, aid characters, take advantage of enemy gaps left by the enemy and seize combat opportunities;
  • As a survivor, Bealaq is also clever, cunning, and stealthy;
  • As a role-playing flavor, he developed the funny perk of collecting tokens, a common habit observed among his kin.

Becoming worthy first and a Hero Later

Someone’s temper can either be a great ally or an enemy. Bealaq is a strong-witted and brave tengu, and this combination often leads him to unexpected or surprising decisions. His impulsivity, when correctly directed, can be a force to be reckoned with. 

Many challenges led him to change his mind about his choices; very often. But Bealaq is not insecure. His instability is like a shield to deal with adversities. Sometimes, his alliances are the fruit of occasion, a sense of opportunity, and the need to survive. But the tengu can be a loyal and trusted friend, as his story will show. Because he always cared for his friendships, people recognized his value, even though he did not have a good deal of self-respect himself.

Role-Playing Tips

With role-playing, leveling up should ideally be a direct consequence of the character’s choices. If this is the case, take it as a reference or creation guide. Each booklet of The Hero Pathway Series will suggest character development based on a story, with respective character advancement. But you don’t need to follow it to the letter. Make the changes you see fit to develop the character and adapt it to your game.

If you want to know more about Bealaq’s fate, check it out!

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