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We’re Illudic Publishing, and we’ve been creating role-playing resources in Florianópolis, SC Brazil, since 2016. But I guess it all started a long time before when we bought a famous RPG in 1994.

If you are like some of us and have played RPGs for more than 25 years, you should remember they were all paper printed material. A good deal of the booklets was in black in white with flexible covers inside cardboard boxes. Pen, paper, dice and our imagination were all we needed to start epic journeys. What a time we had since then! Much has changed.

RPGs helped us outline much of our passion for both books and games in general, more than just lifestyle or hobby, but nobody taught us how to do it and make it better. We tried many things in life to earn a place in the world and fulfil our quest, but after several gaming sessions with our friends, we saw that we could help others have more fun playing. So we decided to work with what we have loved for so long and make something remarkable. We now see role-playing games to develop our personal growth and imagination (and gain experience!).

We’d like to personally invite you to stop by and read one of our books. Illudic is here to bring life to your story while bringing your game to life.

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